Revelation: the new heaven and earth and the marriage of the lamb

In stories, the end is often turned into another kind of beginning, “they lived happily ever after” is an ending but, also an ending. An ending which is quite peculiar to me for, it is not topical within reality. We all like to hope that there will come that “happily ever after” point but, nevertheless, problems and difficulties always come back. The book of Revelation also has a “happily ever after” scene. Throughout the book we have seen the effects of evil and human sin on God’s good creation and His abolition of that evil. Now we look at the new creation and the “happily ever after”. It begins with something that we see in most fairy tales and stories, a wedding. Our “knight in shining armor” being the Lord Jesus and God Himself. At the very beginning of the prophecy it is announced that God’s dwelling is with men. That separation that came because of sin and human evil has been abolished, never to be seen again. The city is then described, given perfect dimensions, once again less of an actual number and more symbolic. The gates are said to never close because the security of the city is absolute because, all that would harm it is gone. It is then made clear that there is no room for evil in this city for “no vile thing will enter”. We then see a beautiful picture of God and man fellowshipping together and a blessing is again given “blessed are those who wash their robe” for they will be able to take part in this wonderful new creation. The whole book is concluded with an invitation to come and a warning to anyone who would change the words in the book.


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