John: the tabernacling word, our Immanuel

There are 4 gospels in our bible today, we call 3 of them synoptic for they are similar material. The book of John was written last and is pretty much all original material, that was apparently his intention. It only make sense that he would begin his gospel on a much different note. The others begin with the nativity or the start of Jesus’ ministry. John takes a different route, going all the way to the beginning. Taking the very first line from the Septuagint(the Greek translation of the old testament) and adding more depth to it. He says “in the beginning was the Word” reinterpreting that “let there be light” and incorporating Jesus into the creation story. He also does something much bigger though. Think of psalm 1 and 119 and Isaiah 55 even Deuteronomy 8, the word of God has always been seen as God’s way of revealing Himself to us that we can know what it means to walk with Him and, in walking with Him, live. We now see that the word is a person and that He is God, but also separate from God. We are then told explicitly that everything came to exist through Him and that life is found in Him. This life is the light of men and it shines in the darkness, but men hate it because their deeds are evil. Adam was told that when he ate the fruit he would die, he was also promised redemption though. Jesus, being the life, is that redemption, nevertheless, men love darkness, so it is said that He came to His own and they did not accept Him. To us who accept Him though, He gives the right to become children of God. He is our Immanuel, He is God with us, He has come to fix the world that was created through Him and broken by us. Being the full representation of God, He is much greater than Moses. Through Moses came the law, but through Jesus come grace and truth. The law kills, but the love God has for sinners, embodied in Jesus Christ, is life and freedom.


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