John: an introductory thought

Having gone through Revelation, I thought it would be productive to go through another Johannine book, namely the gospel of John. I remember opening the bible to read it for myself the first time as a child and how I was told to read John. It has been a favorite of mine throughout my years. However, it wasn’t until recently that I began to see it through the eyes of the first century Jew. Most Christians these days end up reading John to prove “Jesus is God” which, though true, is better done from the whole of John’s discourse. Throughout this series I will try to redraw the foundation of John and, hopefully, in the process draw a more clear picture of what he was actually saying. I am by no means an old testament scholar, so I am sure I will miss a lot of things. My one goal is to instill a vision of the great paradigms of interpretation and give this beloved book more of the respect it deserves. I pray you all will be built up in the Spirit, through the work of this broken vessel.


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