The existence of evil, atheism, and why no one asks for 3 hands

The problem of evil is a question that has plagued philosophers and theologians alike throughout the centuries. The creation stories in every culture have strived to answer that problem in a meaningful way. With the rise of scientific naturalism(nothing exists outside of what we see, that is the natural), it has become increasingly easier to accept the presupposition that there is no god, no purpose, and no objective moral reality. All these things are products human invention. Among the many inconsistencies I see within that view, I must draw attention to one major detail. We all acknowledge a need for purpose, even though we may object to the actual reality, it is still a very real need. Some philosophers have even made examples of themselves, losing every inch of sanity due to that “realization”(Frederich Nietzsche one of the examples). Has there ever been a longing or need to which exists no true fulfillment? You feel a pain in your stomach, so you get food. You feel a dryness in your throat so you drink water. You feel a rush in your loins, so you have sex. You feel lonely, so you go to family or friends and commune with them. However, that desire to be a part of something real, to make the world better, is a complete and total illusion? We all want to see the abolition of pain and suffering, the question I ask is, why? If this world truly is a product of chaos and chaos is all there is or ever has been, why do we want more? Why do we imagine a better world as if it were something more than an insane fantasy? Why do we despair over the way it is? We don’t despair for having 2 hands, in fact we laugh at the idea of having more. I am glad to say the world is not the way it is supposed to be. Chaos is not the only state this world has known or ever will know. God made this world good and wonderful, He made it as a sanctuary for Himself and a home for a people He could be in loving community with. Herein lies the problem of evil, in order to love one must freely chose to love. We are free and we have all used that freedom to do things we know are not right. The story continues though, God sent His Son to renew the world and everything in it. The new creation began with the death and resurrection of the God-man. He defeated death and brought the kingdom of God. We now have power to walk in freedom from sin and corruption and take part in the renewal ourselves.


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