Revelation: the coming King and the final battle

The intentions of God concerning this world have never changed. From the very outset we read that He looked on all His creation and saw that it was good. Even after the fall God made His intentions quite clear “He will crush your head and you will bruise His heal”. From the moment we messed up and broke creation God states His gracious intention to destroy the Devil and restore us and everything else. We see that He will do that through the seed of woman, Jesus Christ. As Christians we see that work beginning at the crucifixion and resurrection. We are often confronted with the evils of this world that seem to contradict that thought. Revelation is God’s answer to that question. We now come to the climactic end of evil in this world. Which, just like throughout the book of revelation, is paradoxical in nature. The Son of Man comes in victory, riding a white horse. We then see an angel calling the birds to prepare for the feast of God. This is when the beast and all his followers come in, with all their evil intentions, to attack and kill the lamb. However, he doesn’t kill them with a sword but, rather, the “sword coming from His mouth” that is His own words. The apostle Paul said He would destroy him with the breath of His mouth. The irony is that they come in all their strength, with all their weapons, only to be destroyed with the words of the Lamb. John is, again, teaching us that the answer is not to fight “force with force” but, rather allow evil to stack up judgment for itself, knowing the just God of the universe will repay in due time.


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