Revelation: the bowls

We now come to the final climax of the age. With the seventh seal broken and the seventh trumpet sounded, the time has come for God to renew everything and give it to His bride. This very large task will begin with the abolition of evil through the pouring out of His wrath. Early in the book the saints cried out for vengeance beneath the altar, they were told to wait until their number would be complete. The grapes of God’s holy wrath have been harvested in the blood of His holy people, the time for Him to act has come. The scene begins with those who had been victorious, those who had been slain for Christ’s sake, singing the sing of Moses. The final Exodus has begun and, by the end of it, all creation will be renewed. The bowls are then given to seven angels and smoke fills the temple so that no one can enter it until the seven bowls are poured out. With the first bowl, sores break out on all who worshipped the beast and his image. With the second, all the sea turns to blood. With the third, all the streams and rivers are turned to blood. The fourth is poured on the sun and it burns up everybody on earth, yet they do not repent. The fifth is poured on the thrown of the beast and it gets so dark that people are said to “gnaw their tongues”. The sixth is poured out and three demons are released that gather the world for “the great war”. With the seventh, a shout is made that it is done, then there is a large earthquake and hail and it says the great whore is remembered before God. There is no intermission within these bowls for they are the finale of God’s wrath. One thing revelation really wants to portray to us is a slowness then haste. It may take a while but, once the ball starts rolling, that’s it. Now is the time to be faithful.


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