Revelation: the woman, the child, and the Dragon

It is no secret that there is something wrong with this world. Within the Christian worldview we see the problem to be of the same root as the problems within the political realm. That is to say, the opposition of wills and the conflict that arises in that opposition, namely warfare. The whole of history is seen in the next few pages. We see a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her foot and a crown of 12 stars on her head who is pregnant with a man child who will “rule the nations” she is the universal people of God, the true Israel. This vision shows her participation in the restoration of all of creation. She also represents the cosmos and the whole physical realm. This is why the dragon opens his mouth to swallow the man-child, the man-child was moving into his realm. The opposition surrounding Jesus life, rather it be Herod killing every baby under 2 or the temptation in the wilderness or even the crucifixion, all point to the dragon opening his mouth to swallow Him. He is raised to heaven before the dragon can kill him. She then flees into the wilderness for 1,260 days, the same amount of time the witnesses prophecy. Her being in the wilderness indicates a protection from the dragon. This is also how you see the identity of the 2, for she is a more obvious representative of the people of God. War then breaks out in heaven and the dragon is thrown down. When he is thrown down, he starts to persecute the woman who gave birth to the child. This is a very important idea God is trying to portray to us, that the persecution that surrounds the church is not primarily a sign of defeat but, rather a sign of victory. Revelation is a book of paradoxes, meant to unveil what is truly happening within history, for it really is hidden. One would think looking at all the wars, disasters, persecution and pain that God had somehow forgotten this world. That would be a wrong assumption though, the disorder is meant to point us to the future when, God will fully restore everything. The dragon then spews water out of his mouth to try and drown the woman, but the earth swallows it. The dragon’s mouth is the source of lies and lies are his primary means of control. God protects His church though and the lies are never able to prevail. We then see the dragon go to attack her other offspring. These are actually the people of God too. You see the devil is thrown down and he wants to destroy the church. So he tries to deceive her with lies and heresy but, fails so he just leads the world to persecute Christians. What a paradox! Persecution does not show that God is somehow losing the war but, rather, that the enemy is already lost.


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