Revelation: the measuring of the temple and the 2 witnesses.

In the pages of Revelation we see a lot of parallel visions. We’ve seen how the seals and trumpets are parallel passages.  We are now going to talking about the intermission between trumpets 6 and 7. That is to say, the measuring of the temple and the two witnesses. Before John is told to measure the temple he sees a vision of a mighty angel. The angel gives him a scroll that is sweet in his mouth and bitter in his stomach. Then he is told that he will prophecy about many peoples, nations, and tongues; just in case we think that all this is referring to one set of events or people. He is then given the measuring rod, but told not to measure the outer courts for it is to be trampled by the gentiles for “42 months” that is 3 and a half years, showing an incompleteness, but it is converted to months, which makes the number much bigger. This is all saying that the time of “trampling” or persecution will be cut short. This is when the “2 witnesses” come on the seen. They are 2 in number because 2 is the least amount of people necessary to prove something “on the account of 2 or 3 witnesses”, these 2 witnesses are the church of God, we can see this when we interpret the vision in light of its counterpart which we will talk about in my next post. They are said to be prophesying in sack cloth and ashes, that is great sorrow. When God captures your heart you cannot help but to feel sorrow for the world and the sorrow they live with in rejecting God. The length of their ministry is 1,260 days, which is 3 and a half years, incomplete yet broken down to an even bigger number, the time of their prophecy will be longer than their time of persecution. After the 1,260 days they are martyred and the whole world throws a party, this indicates that the world will try to and mostly succeed at wiping out the church of God. Nevertheless, the prophets rise again and the city, which is the world gives glory to God. The church, even when she is defeated  will rise again and, in her resurrection, the world will come to repentance. This is a key point in the book within revelation, that the church is to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and overcome evil by allowing evil to overcome us. Let us learn to not repay evil for evil but, overcome evil with good.


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