Revelation: Caesar the impostor and the decree of the True King(part 5, chapters 4 & 5)

We live in a world of grim shadows and hollow statues. The true King is all too easy to miss amidst all the pain and darkness we see in our own lives. Tyranous governments executing their own will against every person in their care. Even “free” countries are full of more nefarious tyrants like drug addiction, sexual addiction, eating disorders, and innumerable other chains that come from autonomy. Nevertheless His Kingdom is sure, “the zeal of the Lord of hosts” will set every enemy in subjection to Him. We are not, as of yet, at that time when all will be subject to Him. However, the battle was decidedly won at the resurrection, “all authority in heaven and on earth”. This is the context of revelation 4, it is giving us a picture of heaven with the framework of the shadow. Caesar had a round court with himself in the middle,  his 4 closest advisors directly around him and 24 around them. This is a meager and nefarious shadow compared to the true courtroom, the one where the Most High is seated as Caesar. In this heavenly courtroom, just like earthly ones, we see a scroll with the King’s decree on it. This decree entails the establishment of the new creation and the abolition of the old. Which, ironically, means the abolition of the shadow Caesar. However, a problem arises, quite a big one at that, no one is found able to open the scroll in heaven or on earth. We all have broken God’s law and, in the process, contributed to the delinquency of this current order. John, seeing the magnanimity of the problem, starts to cry. Rightfully so, for this world, in it’s current state, is evil beyond measure. Thanks be to God, that is not the case, for “the lamb who was slain is worthy”. It is because of this, that great praise breaks forth in heaven. For God is renewing everything, including you and me. Let us look to that new creation and, more importantly, seek to take part in that recreation. For all who are of the old order will not be found worthy of the new.


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