Revelation: love, doctrine, and sex(part 3, chapter 2)

The relevance for today of the subject matter at hand is, both, predictable and astounding. Predictable, for the worship of sex and the lies we believe about God are things that have not changed, even since the days of Israel(notice the references to Baalam, Balak, and Jezebel). Astounding, for you would think, with the inauguration of the kingdom of God, these things would die. However, that is primarily the question this book is addressing. Why everything looks so messed up even though God has taken His rightful place as King. Moving on, in the letter to the Ephesians Jesus approves them for their doctrinal soundness and their condemning the Nicolaitans(a gnostic movement that made sexual immorality nothing). He does have something against them tho, they had forgotten their first love. This is not a love for God, for they had bore many burdens for His name, this is a love for people. They had forsaken loving people for doctrine. The church in Smyrna is given nothing but approval. Jesus says he knows their affliction and the persecution of those who “call themselves Jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan”. In Rome there was only one monotheistic religion approved. Anyone who was not a part of the synagogue must either worship Ceasar or lose everything. The Jews pushed the Christians out of the synagogue and left them to die. Jesus tells them they will only suffer 10 days, not really a literal 10 days, but a short numbered time. Not that they would have some supernatural escape, but rather, “be faithful unto death”. The church of Pergamum is said to be “where Satan’s throne is” because they had, literally, built a throne in honor of Rome. Allegiance to be imperial was enforced with the most brutal violence. They had faithfully endured, despite restless persecution, even through the martyrdom of Antipas. However, Jesus had one thing against them, they tolerated the teaching of the Nicolaitans which lead many of His servants into sexual immorality and eating meat sacrificed to idols. Next we see Thyatira with a similar problem, they tolerate the woman Jezebel who teaches the servants of God to commit sexual immorality. Within this text is another great truth we must see, our Lord is patient, but just because it seems as though He has not judged doesn’t give us license to sin. For, “i will throw her on a bed of sickness… And all who partake with her.”, what a warning. In just these 4 letters we already see a pattern, the church is attacked from within or without. Whether losing love in our stand against sexual immorality in the church, or accepting any and every life style imaginable, or just suffering heavy persecution Jesus has something to say to us all. Which extreme do you lean toward? Are you so caught up with being “Holy” you don’t want anything to do with those “sinners” over there?  Or do you tend to just prefer to call the sinful not sinful? Maybe you’re one of those ones flirting with Jezebel through porn or fornication? I don’t know, nor am I a judge, but Jesus has words for us “let him who has an ear to hear listen to what the Spirit is saying”


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