The prophets and Jesus(JCOT, final)

Amidst a world filled with hatred and rebellion there are many voices speaking. These voices are often hard to distinguish. Which is God? Which is not? Sin blinds our eyes, making it even harder to truly hear Him. This is what necessitates the office of prophet. God, in His mercy, would often confirm the message of the prophets with different signs and wonders. When the Israelites had lost sight of YHWH in the time of Elijah, he set a challenge against the prophets of Baal. Baal did not burn up the offering though the prophets cut themselves and went into frenzy. Elijah gives an order to put meat and lots of water to try and quench the fire and prays God would show Himself, in that instant the offering is engulfed in a fiery tornado. The whole romance of scripture consists of an unfaithful people, constantly falling and being drawn back with faithful love and miracles. The prophets would announce judgment on the unfaithful, encourage them to repent, and point to a future age when God would deliver His people from all their oppressors. They often used object lessons and parables; Hosea was told to marry a prostitute, Ezekiel told to lay on his side naked for a very long time, Jeremiah told to go to the Potter’s house. So it is with our Lord, He announced God’s judgement on unfaithful Israel and encouraged repentance, spoke in parables, and performed miracles. The main part of His message was essentially different though. Where the prophets spoke of a time to come, Jesus announced the kingdom. Where the prophets speak of a king to come, He says He is that king. He is both a prophet and the fulfillment of prophecy. He is the definitive representation of God. It is through Him that we no longer have to distinguish God’s voice from the lies in the world, for He puts His spirit in our hearts, making us all “little prophets”. The time has come when “men will no longer teach one another saying know the Lord, for they will all know me from greatest to least.”


One thought on “The prophets and Jesus(JCOT, final)

  1. jacobelgin

    The answer to the last sentence you wrote, (Heb.8:11), became true the moment Christ ascended to the Father. The answer can be found in Heb.9:1-3. We, as individuals, can now go were the High Priest could only enter, into THE HOLIEST OF ALL! We no longer need men to teach us when we can go straight to Jesus Christ and He will show us His HIDDEN MANNA, Rev.2:17. Jesus will open the Tree of Life up to every individual who accepts His Covenant, Rev.22:14.



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