The cross and every lie that’s ever been told about God.

When Adam and Eve first ate the fruit something changed within them. We see the side effects immediately, in fact the very next story is how God searched for them but they hid. Why did they hide from God? The answer they give says everything, “we saw that we were naked”. Why did it matter that they were naked? Were they not always naked? Why is it that God looks for them? It’s like He wants to be with them, but they’re scared because they’re naked! Which they’ve always been! The serpent was the first one who lied to them about the character of God, making them think God was “holding out” on them so to speak. Now, because of their own sin, they believe all kinds of lies about God. The first one being they can actually hide from him. The worst being, they actually needed to. God did not tell them He would kill them when they ate from the fruit, he said they would die. The act itself would kill them, it was this death that caused them to believe the lies about God. What we see in the next 10 chapters are the results of the lies men have believed about God. When one sees God as a vengeful judge waiting to kill all who go against His will, he runs to hide. Nevertheless a promise is given to Eve, God would destroy the serpents work. Through her own seed. This is why the bible tells us Jesus is the perfect representation of God. He destroys that first lie by not even holding back His own life. He Himself drinks death to break the law of death. So we read that on the third day He rose again. Death is destroyed and we no longer have to live in sin. For that old picture of an angry God waiting to kill us is destroyed in the cross. Do you have sin that is not dealt with in your life? Look at God through the eyes of Jesus and keep moving toward Him, knowing that that same God who cried out “Father forgive them” is the same image of the Father whom He was crying to. God did not have to kill somebody to deal with sin, he had to die to destroy what sin had already done.


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