David and Jesus(JCOT, part 6)

When I started this post I wasn’t expecting to make it about David. I have been trying to run a sweep through some of the main characters within the biblical narrative to show how their ministries are, in fact, completed by the ministry of Jesus. After writing about Moses’ the deliverer, I wanted to move to move onto Joshua. However, I realized, his ministry was incomplete. During the period of the judges of Israel(the book of judges and beginning of Samuel) the people fell into sin and idolatry often. When they fell into idolatry the Lord would allow them to go back into captivity until they repented. God would then send a judge to save them and they would be able to live free again. So it went, for many years, the people would fall back into idolatry and slavery and God, rich in faithfulness and love, would rescue them. It is in the midst of all this that the people ask for a king so they can be “like the other nations”. God, with a broken heart, gives them what they desire. The king they chose was named Saul, a man who was taller and better looking than every one in Israel. He even seemed to have a heart for God, he did not tho. His cowardice would soon be shown. The Philistines had found a champion to stand against Israel, you’ve heard of him, his name was Goliath, a giant among men, standing 9 feet tall, having 12 fingers and toes. He cursed Israel and the name of the God who chose them and separated them. He challenged all of Israel, but no one would stand against him. No, not even Saul, the coward, the one whom the people chose. David, a young shepherd boy, was told by his dad to go check on his brothers. While going to check on his brothers he sees Goliath cursing Israel and is enraged. David is a man after God’s own heart, He believes YWH is the creator of all and nothing is impossible for him, for he had seen the delivery of God when the sheep were taken by a bear or lion. He bravely challenges the giant when everyone else was petrified. He takes nothing but a sling shot and kills the giant with his first rock, afterward all of Israel marched forth in an overwhelming victory. David brought peace from all of Israel’s oppressors. Jesus, when sin had killed us and made us captive, died and rose again, destroying death and setting us free. In Him, we can truly live. in Him, all the things that once held us captive are dead. Let us learn to walk in that freedom as we keep our eyes on Him.


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