Noah & Jesus (Jesus Completes the Old Testament, part 3)

In the opening passage to the story of Noah we read that God looked from Heaven and could not bear the sight He saw, “For every intention of man’s heart was nothing but evil continually”. The effects of sin had destroyed, not just humanity, but the whole earth. However, that is not the whole story, for Noah found favor in God’s sight. God decides to start over anew, completely destroying everything. So He comes to Noah and tells him to build an ark and to put 2 of every unclean and 7 of every clean animal, for God was going to destroy everything. Noah, could have broken this command and condemned the world, but we read that Noah did everything God told him. It is through Noah that every single person now has their bloodline. So it is with Jesus, through His obedience we all receive life. Ultimately He is the one in the ark, and you and I the animals, we need to be saved from the flood. In His obedience, we are carried from this broken creation to the one that is to come.


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