Abraham and Jesus (JCOT, part 4)

I’ve begun by talking about the lives of the character first, this time I must start with some words from Jesus. While praying for His people aloud He asks God to glorify Him with the glory He had before the world began. Jesus left His place on high with the Father, and became a man, to set a part a people for God. Abraham lived in the land of Ur, a land of idolatry, later to be known as Babylon. It is in the midst of this that he, too, is commanded to go. God tells him He will make him a great nation and that through him the whole world will be blessed. His obedience took him through many trials, he lived in tents, as a vagabond. He was promised he would have a son and made to wait until he was 100, and Sarah 90, after which He was told to sacrifice that same son. He believed God to be able to raise the dead, so he obeyed, but was stopped, and so received his son again. In a like manner, Jesus was told to make a sacrifice, of Himself, the son of promise, His obedience led to the destruction of death. Ultimately, it is in Him that the promise of Abraham is made full, for He is the one who blesses the whole world, who inaugurates the new world God is making. Let us look to that new world, and strive to be more like the one seed of Abraham.


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