Jesus completes the old testament, part 1 an overview

In this post I am going to talk about a series that I am pretty excited about. We will be looking at a pretty big list of key Old Testament characters and showing just how Christ fulfills and perfects their ministries. Some will be taken directly from the new testament and others will be correlations that aren’t so obvious, but still visible when you know the stories well enough. It is my prayer that, by the end of the series, the Old Testament will be a source of life and encouragement and that your understanding of Jesus’ mission will become more clear than ever before. That we may all live the gospel and fulfill the high calling of God, our Savior.


3 thoughts on “Jesus completes the old testament, part 1 an overview

  1. jacobelgin

    What happened to Ancient Israel is only a type of what will happen to Spiritual Israel in the end time, Isa.41:21-22. The name Jacob (unconverted) represnts all people who turn to God in the “Last End”, Dan.8:19. This will help you understand the Old Testament.


  2. justiney89 Post author

    That’s pretty intense, I’d say that’s a motif I see. However, the unrighteous have always persecuted the righteous; Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Saul and David, the list goes on and on. I think we should all be prepared to lose everything for the gospel. These days are evil.


  3. justiney89 Post author

    I also see the same spiritual idolatry among us. It doesn’t make sense though, because we have the Spirit. I think the true message has been lost in politics. That’s why churches are empty.



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