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Abraham and Jesus (JCOT, part 4)

I’ve begun by talking about the lives of the character first, this time I must start with some words from Jesus. While praying for His people aloud He asks God to glorify Him with the glory He had before the world began. Jesus left His place on high with the Father, and became a man, to set a part a people for God. Abraham lived in the land of Ur, a land of idolatry, later to be known as Babylon. It is in the midst of this that he, too, is commanded to go. God tells him He will make him a great nation and that through him the whole world will be blessed. His obedience took him through many trials, he lived in tents, as a vagabond. He was promised he would have a son and made to wait until he was 100, and Sarah 90, after which He was told to sacrifice that same son. He believed God to be able to raise the dead, so he obeyed, but was stopped, and so received his son again. In a like manner, Jesus was told to make a sacrifice, of Himself, the son of promise, His obedience led to the destruction of death. Ultimately, it is in Him that the promise of Abraham is made full, for He is the one who blesses the whole world, who inaugurates the new world God is making. Let us look to that new world, and strive to be more like the one seed of Abraham.


Noah & Jesus (Jesus Completes the Old Testament, part 3)

In the opening passage to the story of Noah we read that God looked from Heaven and could not bear the sight He saw, “For every intention of man’s heart was nothing but evil continually”. The effects of sin had destroyed, not just humanity, but the whole earth. However, that is not the whole story, for Noah found favor in God’s sight. God decides to start over anew, completely destroying everything. So He comes to Noah and tells him to build an ark and to put 2 of every unclean and 7 of every clean animal, for God was going to destroy everything. Noah, could have broken this command and condemned the world, but we read that Noah did everything God told him. It is through Noah that every single person now has their bloodline. So it is with Jesus, through His obedience we all receive life. Ultimately He is the one in the ark, and you and I the animals, we need to be saved from the flood. In His obedience, we are carried from this broken creation to the one that is to come.

Adam & Jesus (Jesus Completes Old Testament, part 2)

Before God makes Adam, He says “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock, all the earth and the creatures that crawl on earth”. God made Adam to rule and maintain all creation, He also made Him “in Our image, according to our likeness”. In what way did He make Adam in His own image? The answer may be found if we look within God’s character, the apostle John tells us “God is love”. Adam was made with the ability to love, but love is not love unless it is free, so God gives him the command “you shall not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” thus, the ability to love and the possibility of evil come into this world God made. This is where Adam fails and, in doing so, brings death to all men. Furthermore, he subjects the whole creation to death, for he was the ruler of it all. Adam was made in God’s image, free to love God, able to rule the creation with wisdom. In that same way, Jesus the second Adam comes with a truly free will, not only “in our likeness” but the perfect image of the Father, born to take back the authority that was lost with the first disobedience. Adam eats a fruit that kills and captivates us all under sin, Jesus drinks a cup that sets us free and gives us life. So Adam was the one living who brought death and Jesus the one who, in dying, brought life to us all. Just as the death brought through Adam is as sure as the sins you may have committed yesterday, or even today, so the life brought through Christ is sure to cleanse you of that sin. We are not captives to sin anymore, but children of the Father in Him. Trust Him, in your sin, in your shame, in your sorrow, and in your pain. He loves you and is dancing over you, take up that dance and find joy that overcomes the death and breaks chains.

Jesus completes the old testament, part 1 an overview

In this post I am going to talk about a series that I am pretty excited about. We will be looking at a pretty big list of key Old Testament characters and showing just how Christ fulfills and perfects their ministries. Some will be taken directly from the new testament and others will be correlations that aren’t so obvious, but still visible when you know the stories well enough. It is my prayer that, by the end of the series, the Old Testament will be a source of life and encouragement and that your understanding of Jesus’ mission will become more clear than ever before. That we may all live the gospel and fulfill the high calling of God, our Savior.

Some thoughts on Christmas

We are coming to that time of year when we buy presents and have feasts and think about all the things God has done for us. I thought a good place to begin this blog would be to apply the kingdom to Christmas. The birth of Christ is one of the most important events in history. The incarnation stands as one of the many things that shows us just how much God cares about this world. It also marks the beginning of a new age, a new era in redemptive history. That is to say, the inauguration of the kingdom of God. Which looks back to Egypt, Jesus is the second Moses, come to “save His people from their sin”(Matthew 1:21) and to bring us “grace and truth”(John 1:17). In His birth we see the first page of the new creation of God. In Him, you and I are new creations, free from sin, free to love God and our neighbor, just as Adam was before becoming a slave to sin. Come to Him, drink His blood, eat His flesh, find life in His being, He is the beginning of the new creation, the One who makes you and I new creations. The one who reveals to us “grace and truth”, that God is not angry with us, but rather dancing over us. Let us find our identity in the new creation and die to sin as we press in to the Lord Jesus Christ